Allen Jones Craigslist/Youtube Page

I've been playing Bass with a few different bands around Baltimore.
I'm on youtube and myspace with several groups so I thought
I would put up a page with links to some of them.
I met a lot of these people from craigslist...

The Psychedelic Boat Anchors

I've been jamming with the Boat Anchors for a few years now.
Chuck answered an ad I ran for Jam Band Needs Singer.
Chuck has since left the band and we are looking for a new Lead Singer.
These videos are Live from our last two Halloween parties in Silver Spring, MD..

Futile Monkey

I answered an ad to fill in for a Halloween gig and ended up playing 8 gigs in
6 weeks with these guys. These videos are Live from The Ottobar in Baltimore MD.

Mark Franz and In The Red

I answered an ad Mark ran for a 3-piece Rock Band needing Bass.
These videos are Live from CC's Tavern in Essex MD.
June 2, 2010

Rick Nomad And The Rock Kings

Rick answered an ad I ran for building a 3-piece Rock Band.
It turns out Rick already has a couple of albums out.

These videos are from The 8X10 in Baltimore MD.

Michael Miller And The Boys

I got to spend a month on vacation at home in Arkansas this summer.
So I ran and ad saying "Old Drunken Bass Player Looking To Jam".
Mike answered and my son Chris and I sat in with him for a couples shows.

Bike Rally and Fund Raiser for Battered Women in Malvern, Ar.

Live at the Malvern Moose Lodge

July 9 & 10, 2010

In The Red Cover Band

This band formed at a bar and played every Fri. for a month.
A little loose since we never had a rehearsal but it was fun.
The Par 4 Pub Edgewood, Md. Nov. 2010

So I would have to say that Craigslist works. I've met a lot of cool people,
I got to play at a lot of shows and jams. And I've been able to play at a few
places around Baltimore. The Senator Theater, The Ottobar, The Black Hole,
CC's Tavern, Fish Head Cantina, The 8X10. And a lot of parties too. I've played Finksburg,
Mt Airy, Silver Spring, Glen Burnie, Brooklyn Park. I've played Bars, Night Clubs,
Theaters, Back Yards, Basements, and Driveways. I even got a new nickname.

Jam Bass Jones